Sky System: Video

Just a quick Post to let you know I managed to finally edit and upload some video of my Sky System:

Sky System: Realistic Atmospheric Rendering and Integration into an Interactive Real-Time Environment from John McLaughlin on Vimeo.

You can read more here.

During Internship at Reality Twist I had the task to create a Realistic Atmospheric Rendering System and integrate it into the Vision Engine by Trinigy. Most of the calculation is precomputed on the graphics card and saved to textures.
Through this it is possible to render accurate hazing and light scattering (Rayleigh and Mie) fast enough to be used in complex interactive environments, like games.
I also adapted the shaders to shade terrain and objects.

My atmospheric rendering system is currently in use in the most recent product of Infocopter, open to public at the Museum of Transport in Luzern, Switzerland.

The Atmospheric rendering is calculated entirely on the GPU and is written in HLSL. I cannot distribute the code freely, but if you would like to now more, I’d be happy answer your emails.