Weekend Project: DO A BARREL ROLL

Spent some time with my wonderful wife and son this weekend, but still got to implement the most important feature into the little game I’m making: DO A BARREL ROLL! :)

I also updated the movement physics, so it uses fixed update. This should improve the game on slower and faster machines and prevent physics wonkiness. ;)

next up: smooth camera, actual flight and moar asteroids.
Also a friend of mine made me some sweet 3D ship models, so they will be going in soon as well. :)

Test the newest prototype!

Xbox360 Gamepad:
Left Stick: Movement
Bumpers: vertical position (double click for BARREL ROLL)
A button: Fire

Mouse & Keyboard:
Mouse: Move
A / D: Vertical position (double click for BARREL ROLL)
Left Mouse Button: Fire


– Barrel Roll
– better movement updates (fixed update, independent of game logic / rendering)
– switched from svn to git (SourceTree), CAUSE svn kept crashing and messing up my updates. :/