Project Galgamari at iFest 2014 in Seattle!

Hey there fellow Magpies and Magpie-fans,
It’s your friendly neighborhood Galactic Magpie Conglomerate!

I have finally made another update to our little game, now called “Project: Galgamari”.
First,a change-list:
– Endless asteroids: a procedurally generated asteroid field
– A better camera: Moves with your ship, relatively smooth. (further improvements in the future)
– Spacepoints: Shoot asteroids, get points (online highscore coming soon!)
– Lives: You have five of them, use them wisely.

In even more exciting news, Project: Galgamari will be present at the iFest 2014 in the Seattle Center Armory on May 3rd.
I have a whopping half a table! Come and visit!

There is still a lot left to be done, though:
– Online highscores
– Actual enemies (I got some sweet models from a fellow member of the Galactic Magpie Conglomerate.)
– A planetside level: Zoom between buildings (more sweet models!)
– Needs moar particles: Snazzy effects.
– Katamari Damacy inspired mechanic: the whole reason this game exists. :D
– Main Menu and Restart option
– Barrel Roll: being invincible while rolling…

Until then have fun with the current update!