Gamejam Prototype – Worldipulator

Hey there,

A little over a week ago three students of the Otto-von-Guericke University (Fin, Mirko and Joschua) and myself worked on a little prototype at a local gamejam.
The theme was “reach” and we decided to build a puzzle-labyrinth like game in which you can use your telekinetic powers to manipulate your surroundings.

Our working title was “Worldipulator”, but somehow the title changed to Worldiplier at the last minute before presentation. (I was very tired and tried to finish the title very fast. :D )
[EDIT: I fixed it, it now shows the correct title. :D]
Personally I really enjoy concepts which let you manipulate the world somehow. Someday I want to make a game that enables every player to change the world and leave a mark.
Feel free to download the source or the game for Windows. (The HTML5/WebGL version doesn’t show the particles correctly)

Controls are standard FPS controls: WASD to move, Mouse to move the camera / look around.
To move a block, you can hold down the left mouse button (it will move on a plane orthogonal to your viewing direction).
You can pull and push the object you are moving with the mouse wheel.